FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil


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Four years is not a long time. Some useful links:


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Wilsons said:
Argentina v Brazil final!!

It's time for the South Americans to step up. The last three finals have been won by European teams.

Or is it just the power of South American teams are waning?


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FFC Mariner said:
its our time.

the three greatest words any football supporter can know. all of the hope, love and devotion, the tolerance of the interminable kicks to the guts, the confidence (in spite of everything) that it will all come together and the irrational optimism that it will be this year, this time. all in three little words.


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marinermick said:
Paolo said:
Cheap coke n football...I'm in

don't forget to add that eight out of the twelve host cities are beachside

On the down side - it's gonna be winter.  :'(

On the up side:

Brazil Weather - A 4,500-mile coastline with plenty of winter sun
The weather is consistently warm all year round along the coast of the Bahia and Northeastern regions, with temperatures never dropping much below 30C, but there can be a lot of rain from April to September in Bahia and from March to August in the Northeast (Although Natal, the city of the sun, still has over 300 days of sunshine each year). Further south in Rio, however, November to April are the wettest months. Here, the temperatures rise from 25C in June-September to 30C in January and February. With over 4,500 miles of coastline, and many superb beaches Brazil is a fabulous holiday destination all year, and is particularly attractive for anyone looking for some winter sun.



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Only one of the cities, but wow - great video!

Promo for the 2016 Olympics: