FFA Cup 2019


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western united aren't competing in this year's ffa cup
Yes apparently something that was always in place, personally thought they may have wanted to be involved. But then takes away from their first ever HAL game, no doubt the accountants are hoping for good ratings / crowd for their first game.


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They are a f**ked up offering. Meant to be out of Dandenong...........shitty outskirts of Melb but are going to play out of Geelong.....the equivilent of playing at Gosford in distance. Just FFA ineptitude at every turn.


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They are stuffed, there was no money in the Victorian budget for the train station they need, even living a couple suburbs over it makes it completely impossible to reach their stadium by public transport. The overwhelming majority of people in Western Melbourne use public transport as their only form of transport, if they don't have that link then their crowds will be miniscule.

When their bid was first announced I went to their forum out of curiosity, they said they already had planning permission and would start turning dirt as soon as they were approved by the FFA. Clearly that was not true, wondering if this club is just Steve Horvat getting his Geelong bid in by stealth.


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Back from the wilderness, Maitland are chasing FFA Cup glory
How did a small club in one of rugby league’s traditional heartlands come back from the wilderness to earn a shot at FFA Cup 2019 glory?

Maitland FC are in the big-time now, admits club president Ray Watkins, after qualifying for the national round for the first time in their history.

And the imminent national spotlight the Magpies are about to embrace shows just how far the club from the coal fields has come since their relegation from the Northern NSW top flight in 2002.

NATIONAL SECOND DIVISION: Working Group presents white paper
ROUND OF 32: Two more clubs book their place
STILL GOING: Former Hyundai A-League stars lighting up the FFA Cup

Image credit: Smart Artist

It hasn’t been an easy road back for Maitland, who have long had their best players picked off by Newcastle heavyweights Edgeworth Eagles and Broadmeadow Magic along the way.

But after securing promotion in 2014, the boys from Cooks Square Park have punched far above their weight and have made two NPL NNSW semi-finals in the last four seasons.

“We don’t have excuses anymore,” admits Watkins, 58. “We’ve been here long enough to say, ‘hey we’re doing alright here’.

“Maitland is a great sporting hub. There’s a great awareness of the game’s profile, and one of our greatest assets is our youth catchment area.

“Although we are traditionally a rugby league area from a spectator point of view, from a number view the kids playing football here far outnumber any other sport.

“The big project for us is to win their hearts and minds at an early age so we can keep them with us.”

Maitland beat Hamilton Olympic 2-1 to reach the national round
Although seasoned ex-Hyundai A-League veterans like former Caltex Socceroo defender Matt Thompson and Central Coast Mariners legend Matthew Trott are set to take the field in their Round of 32 fixture, it will also be a chance to showcase junior talent, which has long been one of the club's proudest claims.

After all, this is the club with whom inaugural World Cup Caltex Socceroos Col Curren and Ray Baartz started their senior careers.

And is there a better way for Maitland to put themselves on the map by taking a Hyundai A-League scalp in the coal fields?

“I think we acknowledge that we’re getting into the big time there, just the ability to play an A-League side would be great,” said Watkins.

“Some of our boys would like the opportunity to go away to Queensland our Victoria or something like that...but they also recognise the high profile and awareness that playing a home game would bring to the city of Maitland.

“If we could get it to Maitland, it would be a real buzz through the city.”

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How to watch the FFA Cup 2019 Round of 32 draw

It began with 737 entrants, and after an exciting journey through the Preliminary Rounds, we are all set for the FFA Cup 2019 Round of 32 draw to be made this Wednesday evening.

Ten Hyundai A-League clubs are ready to enter the fray (Western United will not participate this year), while 2018 NPL Champions Campbelltown City SC from South Australia have also gained automatic entry into the national round.
The Round of 32 will take place over three match days (Tuesday or Wednesday) between 23 July – 7 August.

Tune in to FOX SPORTS 500 from 7.30pm AEST this Wednesday evening to watch the drama of the Round of 32 draw unfold. Alternatively, you can watch a live stream of the draw here at theffacup.com.au.

ABOUT THE CUP: What is the FFA Cup?
SCHEDULE: Everything you need to know about the Final Rounds
READ: Australian football working towards a National Second Division in 2021

FOX SPORTS will again provide comprehensive coverage from the Round of 32 onwards.

The FFA Cup’s official broadcaster will show one LIVE match per match night while providing coverage and updates, as well as live streams, of all non-broadcast matches.

Details regarding the FOX SPORTS broadcast and streaming will be announced closer to the start of the Round of 32.

Sulav Maskey of Hellenic AC starred against Western Sydney Wanderers in the 2018 Round of 32. Whose turn will come in 2019?
The final slot in the 2019 FFA Cup will be played tonight between University Azzurri vs Darwin Olympic SC in the NT playoff.
So this is how the draw will work
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Hope we suffer our traditional loss to someone new this year.
Pearce is ready to let us down again as our number 1
I want to lose at Marconi as their club/food is great

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We are due another A League side aren’t we?

NPL last two years.

Bow that Staj says we want to take it seriously look at us draw Perth Sydney or Victory