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Discussion in 'Central Coast football' started by dibo, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    So it seems there are moves afoot to have Central Coast Mariners run Central Coast FC again in 2016.

    Conveniently, Central Coast FC are leading the club championship (though form has dipped, so they might want to get their skates back on and open up the gap again to the chasers.

    If they *do* get promoted and the Mariners run the show again, CCMA will get a jump on Sydney FC Academy and Western Sydney Wanderers Academy (who will be in NPL NSW Men's 2 in 2016).

    Doubly cool would be if North Shore Mariners (formerly known as Northbridge) got promoted to NPL2 from State League 1.

    Western NSW Mariners are likely to stay in SL1, which becomes NPL3 next year.

    We would then have Central Coast Mariners Academy in NPL1, North Shore Mariners in NPL2 and Western NSW Mariners in NPL3.

    If the current construction boom keeps on and the COE is finished, the club will be set to get back on the path of expansion and empire building that the GFC f**ked up, and the FFA and FNSW competitions are perfectly set up to support it.

    Could be very exciting times!
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  2. kevrenor

    kevrenor Well-Known Member

    Well in First Grade - Spirit defeated them 3-0 tonight, so that wouldn't help (don't know about other grades yet).
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  3. Roy Law

    Roy Law Well-Known Member

    They were without Bingham and McGing -both have returned to the Mariners' first team squad. First team training must be in the air!
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  4. bilo

    bilo Active Member

    Yeah convienently Tony Walmsley recalled them the week we played against his old club spirit.
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  5. Yoda

    Yoda Active Member

    Bingham picked up a knock a couple of weeks ago and hasn't played since.
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  6. Einstein

    Einstein Active Member

    That was not the point being made.
  7. marinerfix

    marinerfix Member

    Wrong Yoda. Bingham and McGing both played against Hakoah losing 4-1.
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  8. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    Who's wrong?
  9. Yoda

    Yoda Active Member

    Yoda, wrong possibly he is - I wasn't at the game. Bingham picked up a knock against Sydney Uni and didn't play against St George the following week. I was told by a fairly reliable source that he wasn't playing against Hakoah either as he wasn't 100%, but he may have played.
  10. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    That's odd - the post by @marinerfix seems to have changed since my post, but there's no 'edited by xxx at xx:xx xx/xx/xxxx' mark.
  11. Einstein

    Einstein Active Member

    Your "source" is no good
  12. Yoda

    Yoda Active Member

    thanks for the tip "Einstein".
  13. rbakersmith

    rbakersmith Well-Known Member

    The club's applied for entry into the NPL and SAP starting in 2016:
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  14. Capt. Awesome

    Capt. Awesome Well-Known Member

    I wonder what this means???

    "A proposed Central Coast Mariners ‘Football NSW 2016 National Premier League’ program has no impact on the current Central Coast Football Club structure and would only take effect from the 2016 season onwards."

    Does it mean that the Mariner academy will have nothing to do with CCF???
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  15. rbakersmith

    rbakersmith Well-Known Member

    From Darren Sprod:
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  16. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing CCF will still run/select sides for the Youth State titles. ???
  17. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    State Titles would still be run by whoever FNSW appoints to be regional convenor and select from players living in Met Far North (i.e. within CCF and NSFA boundaries). Whether there were one club, no clubs or seven clubs based on the central coast that wouldn't change.
  18. Einstein

    Einstein Active Member

    6 teams from 8 in the Grand Final...
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  19. neverwozza

    neverwozza Active Member

    Won 5 and only lost the other one on pens. Great effort from all the lads involved.
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  20. Yoda

    Yoda Active Member

    A special mention to the 13s keeper - stepped up when the 14s keeper saw red, saved the resulting penalty and then saved one in the shootout for the win.
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