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CCM vs Macarthur Bulls MW11 - Pink Round


Staff member
Never thought I'd say this but ...



Well-Known Member
I`m looking forward to this one.
My old home town vs my preferred town.
It`ll be a battle as "Cowbelltown" has improved a fair bit but their ball movement is still slow,
as is their backline.
I can`t see Staj changing the team too much and I like Bouman as a starting player.
They`ve had time to work us out so I expect them to target Nigro more, as Clisby is on fire at the moment.
I`d be getting some pace around Milligan early in the game as he seems to be their weakest link as far as yellows and who knows he may even cop a red as he seems to be getting more aggressive in his old age.

I hate tipping scores but i`m pretty confident on this one...:popcorn:


Well-Known Member
I doubt the Lee will be much travelling support as Centrelink payments don’t go through until Thursdays I believe? :headbounce:

The boys will need to better than their second half performance in Perf last week and they need to execute greater control of the game. I too have been having doubts about Nigro’s susceptibility, he doesn’t seem to have improved greatly since his initial displays and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Hall given a shot at the RB spot.

onto it

Well-Known Member
Has anyone seen training? Is Stenz back yet? The word was his foot is healing, but now has had two weeks off. Mind you, he is always a fit beggar.


Well-Known Member
Has anyone seen training? Is Stenz back yet? The word was his foot is healing, but now has had two weeks off. Mind you, he is always a fit beggar.

he was training a few days before the last match, I’d say he would’ve trained this week.
I expect him to be back tomorrow night

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Squad just announced, stens still out injured
Central Coast Mariners squad: 1.Mark BIRIGHITTI (gk), 4.Joshua NISBET, 5.Stefan NIGRO, 8.Oliver BOZANIC (c), 10.Daniel DESILVA, 11.Jack CLISBY, 12.Marcos UREÑA, 14.Daniel BOUMAN, 15.Kye ROWLES, 19.Matt SIMON, 20.Adam PEARCE (gk), 21.Ruon TONGYIK, 22.Michal JANOTA, 23.Dan HALL, 25.Matthew HATCH, 26.Jaden CASELLA, 29.Alou KUOL, 30.Jordan SMYLIE 32.Max BALARD

**1-3 to be omitted**

Ins: 25.Matt HATCH (Promoted), 30.Jordan SMYLIE (Return from Injury)

Outs: 3.Lewis MILLER (illness - 1 week)

Unavailable: 6.Gianni STENSNESS (Lower Leg – 1-2 weeks)


Well-Known Member
Does anyone know if My Football have stopped doing the game streams for overseas viewers? I've noticed there haven't been any at all for the last 2 rounds

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