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Avatar changed itself

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Hmm....so, a few weeks (or months?) ago I changed my avatar to the great, the one and only, Kwasaldinho....yet I just noticed it's reverted back to the one I used to have. Seen that before? Any ideas what might be at play there?


Staff member
Ahh shit -- sorry guys this has been an issue for ages... any files uploaded are deleted whenever the server starts up again.
Because we're on a load-balanced setup, the servers are cycling through all the time so we keep losing files.
Something I need to look at but we're going to move to different forum software so not keen on making too many changes.


Staff member
Hey guys, I've made some updates to the server to fix the avatars/attachments issue.

Anyway there were a couple of problems that have been addressed... firstly we constantly have hundreds of spam bots making thousands of hits on the server, this was causing the load balancer to flip out and spin up new servers all the time. And because of the way the servers are set up now, the attachments were not being backed up so any new avatars or whatever were being dumped and reverted to old stuff. So we've got all avatars being backed up and restored every few minutes now to prevent losing anything, and have looked at stopping the load balancer from freaking out (hopefully) basically by telling it we're expecting the damn spam bots. Hope that makes at least some sense.

Anyway after all that - please update your avatars if you need to and they should (!!) be fine now.
Cheers and apologies, it's been going on for quite a while :oops: Hopefully it's all sorted now though.

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