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A League semifinals


Well-Known Member
So Sydney v Adelaide on Saturday 19 June and Melbourne City v MacArthur on Sunday 20 June.I hope Sydney smash the South Aussie Divers-it really browns me off that those cheats have got this far.Melbourne deserve to be in the Grand Final but I would not be surprised if the Cowbell Ringers get there.


Well-Known Member
Sydney through to GF.I think City will do Macarthur so probably a repeat of last year.

Ironic how the Red fans are lambasting VAR for a missed penalty call against Sydney and how hard by done their team is by match officials.Short memories in Adelaide but is a pissant town.

Big Al

Well-Known Member
It would be so much more satisfying if the VAR hadn’t screwed them over in favour of Sydney. However they still deserve a VAR shocker.

That same foul occurred during the game and one team was trying to call for a red (was never) when they went for a header with the arm out but there was no swinging motion. I just can’t remember which team did it but it was identical to the VAR not intervening.

It absolutely required a come have a look at it.

SFC are definitely going to win it from here which sucks

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Oh, the red fans whinging about VAR is just glorious. Take away our game with them where VAR may as well have been one of their named subs and they wouldn't even have been in the finals.
So, you had Sydney's first penalty......obvious pen, and (like so many decisions) should never have needed VAR.
Their 2nd - again, clear pen, and only needed VAR to overturn a very tight offside decision.
So then.....they're whinging that VAR recommended their goal go to on-field review. Well, VAR did the right thing there, given that Mauk was directly between keeper and ball and had to duck under the shot. I was surprised it stood.
Aside from the penalty save, adelaide's keeper had a shocker. and that pen he gave away....wtf......

Then they're whinging about their penalty shout when Sydney elbowed one of their players in the back of the head. Sure, it's a foul - though I think they've been terribly inconsistent on elbows to the head in the box all season; I think we've copped a few with no intervention. And while not an elbow, still less of a foul than we copped when our defender was steamrolled from behind to score. Though a few minutes earlier one of their players copped a bad elbow to the head and no card. Faghani just doing Faghani things.

I noticed another time when there was a clear foul outside the box by a Sydney attack, you could see Faghani put the whistle to his mouth then wait until after he missed the shot to award the kick - clearly, he was waiting to see if it went in so he could handball his decision making to the VAR, which is just wrong, but might also have been how he missed the first penalty.

Thought it was a fairly boring match for the most part.

One thing that I noticed with Sydney's goal showed just how well trained they are. You could see them starting to push forwards, but they must have had a planned formation change for attack that they hadn't yet implemented. Looks like their mids saw their attack wasn't in place, so rather than push forwards with the usual kick-and-pray cross to an outnumbered striker that is so worshiped in Australian football, they held it up in the mids, knocked it back, and while this was happening their teammates pushed forwards and exploited width - so by the time the mids played it forwards again, they had both width and numbers around the box.

Glorious to see them lose. Now just hope City get up. I'm neutral towards city, but given only one team scored in regulation time last week, Macarthur sure as hell don't deserve to be there tonight.

Though I wonder if we'll see them win on some VAR controversy :)

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Toure could have easily given away a handball penalty if VAR was really out to get them. Deflection sure but way out from natural position.

Beath was VAR. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think he's any good in VAR and.....as a ref.....he's usually good for all the relatively minor decisions but not the big ones - as VAR he's the same; he's more likely to simply find excuses to not get involved when he should, so was a little surprised he even recommended review for that goal, but the other 2 he had no choice.

There are certainly some refs out there that tend to appear biased, but Beath, for all his failings, isn't one of them (and, as little as I think of him, neither is Faghani). He's just as likely to much things up both ways :)

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Can't help thinking we could have beaten the city franchise.
Mac certainly had their chances in the first half.
Well, we beat Macarthur in regulation time.

City hacking the absolute shit out of Macarthur and getting away with, as they always do.

Macarthur have the 4th worst GF in the league, so no surprise they can't score tonight. City are really showing their class - you wouldn't think they had key players out.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

Well-Known Member
Kolokovsky is a disgrace. Pretends to be injured twice in 2 mintes
But Daniel Elder is a limp piece of lettuce.
That should absolutely be a red card - but the dive is still disgusting.
Apparently choking somebody is only a yellow now. Elder was way too soft all game.
Last edited:


Well-Known Member
Colakovski is a talent but needs to cut out the dramatic falls -he doesn't want to emulate Mauk.Tilio is a smart little player-was frustrated at Sydney though they were keen to keep him.

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