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  1. serious14
  2. jebbyjasmine
    Shipping Management Software Australia
  3. federyshory
  4. jpmariner
    I think there for I am Mariners till I die.
  5. sydmariner
  6. nebakke
    Shocked and awed
  7. Atomic
    Atomic Forum Phoenix
    Just letting you know that I received your $20. I'll post an upto date list on the forum in a day or two. Cheers.
  8. Gray
    Still believing!!!!
  9. Kareem
    Kareem Pokes
    If I recall correctly you work for the Mariners?
    I work as a disability support worker for Break Thru People Solutions. We have a client who loves the Mariners and would like to volunteer for the 2015/2016 season.
    I was wondering if you knew who I should talk to?

  10. style_cafe
    style_cafe nebakke
    I`ll give her a try , thanks.
  11. style_cafe
    style_cafe nebakke
    I was just chatting online to Shane Cansdell-Sherriff & he said he`d love to live up here on the coast . He has family at Terrigal & Wyong so I just thought if you worked at the Mariners I could get some email addresses for a people to let them know.
    1. nebakke
      Ah, cool.. I'm not much help there I'm afraid... Did you try BikiniGirl though? I think she's got a line-in through the Fan Club?
      Mar 24, 2015
  12. style_cafe
    style_cafe nebakke
    Do you work for the Mariner`s?
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    2. nebakke
      Haha, nah mate can't say that I do... I work in Parramatta but not for the other lot either - nothing sporty... Much like myself, nothing sporty either ;)
      Why do you ask?
      Mar 23, 2015
  13. Wombat
    30 mins is $40.
  14. ccf
    ccf Wombat
    Hi, can you tell me what a back massage would cost at your massage place, my son will be home soon from overseas and thought he might like a massage. Thanks.
    1. Wombat
      30 mins for $40
      45 mins for $55
      60 mins for $70

      Let me know when he is coming and I'll make the booking for him and throw in 10 min foot massage for free if he does an hour.
      Feb 14, 2015
  15. Atomic
  16. Atomic
    The Beast
  17. Pokes
    Football Obsessed. Fans run the Game.
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  18. McGrime
  19. style_cafe
    style_cafe Roy Law
    Hey Roy, Thanks for posting that clip of Jack Regan.It was very nicely placed freekick.I just hope he keeps on improving.
  20. sydmariner
    sydmariner gunners
    that tv show was $h!t